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Calvin Klein Steel Bras - Fabulous Style, Delicious Comfort

A steel bra? What could be more uncomfortable. When it comes to clever marketing - and outstanding fashion design - Calvin Klein is always ready to shock the world a little. The new line of Calvin Klein Steel bras is just one example among many. But, oh, what an example! Names aside, you'll get the most comfortable, sexiest, feminine-looking bra you can imagine.

The CK Steel Microfibre Contour Bra is a superb example. The blend of 86% Nylon and 14% Elastane is unbelievably comfortable. Slide one on and prove to yourself just how misleading a name can be. Then get ready to examine how there's nothing misleading about the great styling of this bra.

Moulded cups with graduated padding shape and enhance to give you the most feminine contour you could wish for. Smooth lines let you wear this instead of your usual T shirt bra under the thinnest-fabric blouse you own. Even getting dressed you'll already fall in love, thanks to the gorgeous hot pink color and contrasting black straps. Those straps carry subtle Calvin Klein branding so you know you're getting the real deal.

CK gives you a clue about the source of that name when you take a look at another of their models: the Calvin Klein Steel Push Up Bra. Metal integrated into the straps ensures long wear, superb support, and yet - amazingly - unbeatable comfort. Smooth cotton cups lined with graduated foam padding give you enhancement you can see, in a bra you can barely feel.

Thanks to a blend of 91% Cotton and 9% Elastane you're sure to feel great wearing this model, though. Contrasting gray, logo-branded straps work perfectly with the black cups for an ultra-stylish, supremely subtle look. There's nothing subtle about the overall effect, however. You'll be obviously stunning.

For even more sexy shaping, consider the Steel Microfibre Push Up Bra. Super smooth fabric overlays super comfortable moulding that lets you feel great while it makes you look fabulous. That's only a warm-up act for Calvin Klein, of course.

This push up bra provides an underwire that you'll never feel. But you'll know it's there because everything is supported just the way you want. If you also want stylish logo detailing on the straps you'll love this model. Is there actually steel in this bra? CK will never tell. Who cares? It's the Superwoman of bras anyway.

Just to prove how contrasting a name and a bra can be, feel the Calvin Klein Steel Cotton Push Up. You might find some metal in the underwire that provides stellar support - though you'll never feel it. You certainly will feel the soft jersey cotton, a blend of 87% Cotton and 13% Elastane so soft you'll never want to take it off. Thanks to the ultra-feminine shaping provided by graduated foam, a special someone might want to do that for you, though.