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Lola, New Fragrance by Marc Jacobs

Holidays are a time for giving, for love, and laughter, but how can one find a gift for her that does it all?

Lola, the new fragrance line by designer Marc Jacobs, is exactly what every young lady needs to spice up this holiday season. Released at over 2,200 department stores in September, this fragrance stocked the shelves at prices ranging from $40-$85. You can save considerably, however, by ordering a bottle or perhaps a gift set, online.

The wonderful features of Lola leave little else to be desired. Its unique cap design brings to mind the previous Marc Jacobs fragrance, Daisy, a very successful younger sister to Lola. This cap consists of a pompous array of colors and textures that combine to form an appealing flower to the beholder. The bottle itself, on the other hand, is an elegant misty purple color in the shape of a heart. It signifies love, but also passion, manifested within the bottle itself.

We all love to see the look on her face when she receives a gift that she really loves, not just that tacit automatic smile given for the lesser gifts. Lola's aura of scents will make her feel warm and flirtatious, in the perfect mood! Marc Jacobs describes Lola as sensual, a spirit with quite a lively feel to it. The blend of tonka bean, fuchsia peony, vanilla, creamy musk, and pink peppercorn might seem unfamiliar and foreign at first, but once your loved one lets Lola permeate her skin, one seems to suddenly know and remember all of those nice things.

Lola, as the name suggests, hints at some of the same characteristics all men long for in a woman. She is sweet and attractive, but costly if not properly treated. If you do not take care of Lola, disrespect shall be cast upon you, scolded and told off. This scent is not something to play around with, but rather for when you are finally more serious about commitment and perhaps even beyond that. In that case, Lola follows all your aspirations. Lola is definitely not for one night stands or other casual acquaintances, as the name alone connotes playfulness with naughtiness, but also luxury and worldliness.

This fragrance and its mix are revolutionary and could provide just the spark needed to an otherwise dull year, filled with financial burdens and mishaps. You can save up to ten or twelve percent, for example, on a 3.4 oz bottle of this fragrance at a reputable online seller, leaving your significant other happy for quite the long while. Lola is recommended for almost any occasion, from a more casual dinner party, all the way to an extremely formal reception.

So what is left to say? Lola should have you and yours going "Hola Lola!," or hello, all across the country once you have her. For reference, the more innocent and younger Daisy is similar, in the same nut and floral vein, though still quite distinct from her "older sister." While deciding, remember that holidays are in full gear. Stores are hectic and stocks of product are dwindling. So do yourself a favor and try Lola!