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Men's and Ladies Burberry Fashion Luxury Watches

Men's and ladies Burberry fashion luxury watches both follow the same timeless style; elegance and simplicity. The men's fashion watches tend to be more practical and utilitarian in design compared to the elegance of the ladies counterpart. Men's and ladies Burberry fashion luxury watches both exude a classical feel that can only come from a company that is backed with over 150 years in the fashion industry.

Burberry are known mostly for their check tartan classic design. This classic tartan check can be found on many of their fashion accessories including the wrist band of some of their men's and ladies Burberry fashion luxury watches. What many people probably don't know is that they are also great at making ladies watches that are so distinctively elegant they could be mistaken for a piece of jewelry.

One of their latest designs is a ladies pearl charm watch. The wrist band is more like a bracelet and is made from three strings of cultured pearls. The bracelet is so delicate that you almost miss seeing the watch face itself. The face of the watch is covered by a heart shaped locket which is so daintily presented. The bracelet is fasted by a T-bar clasp that is made from sterling silver.

Men's and ladies Burberry fashion luxury watches dominate the fashion industry and their latest men's design is no exception. Always the balance of classy yet practical the stainless steel chronographic watch is no surprise. Crafted with the finest precision engineering this watch will be sure to pass the test of time. More than just a practical timepiece, this ready to wear design features some iconic details that have been imprinted deeply into the Burberry couture over its 150 year history. The stainless steel dial is etched with the famous Burberry checks. The strap compliments the dial with a bracelet style that is both durable and comfortable to wear.

Some features of the latest men's and ladies Burberry fashion luxury watches include elegant and unique watch bands in stainless steel, leather and fabrics. Many of the ladies watches are beginning to resemble bracelets including the latest coin charm watch. Some on the men's watches have the typical chronograph face almost always backed up with the classic tartan check etched into the background somewhere. The men's watches have adjustable wrist bands that are usually made with a clasp however many of the ladies watches are emerging with a new design that incorporates this T-bar clasp.

The Burberry brand has been associated with quality, innovation and fashion for 150 years, ever since the young Thomas Burberry started his workshop on outdoor wear all those years ago. Since then, the name has grown into a worldwide fashion icon and the men's and ladies Burberry fashion luxury watches are a testament to the quality, workmanship, innovation and timeless beauty the brand name is most well known for.