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Motorcycle Accessories For Protection

The main item you need for safety while riding is a helmet. You should never ride without a DOT approved helmet. The risk to you is too great to leave to chance.

The next item is your clothing. You may think your motorcycle clothing is for warmth in the winter months. Even though it does keep you warm, it is mainly for your protection. The durability of quality leather is well known. In addition to looking great and keeping you warm, it will protect you from scrapes and scratches from mishaps on your bike. Let the leather take the brunt of the injury, not your skin.

The best quality leather will give you the best protection and will last many years. Buy the best quality leather you can afford. You do not want to ride with nothing but skin between you and the road.

Leather Motorcycle Jackets can be vented so the air will circulate inside when you are riding. Leather Motorcycle Vests can also be vented. I think Leather Motorcycle Chaps are very important. Your legs are closer to the road than your upper body. Your legs are more apt to contact the road than any other part of you. Chaps also protect you from the heat of the engine. Leather Motorcycle Gloves are another must have for protection. They also give you a better grip which means better control.

Motorcycle Bags will protect your valuables. You can stow your gloves, goggles, phone, and first aid kit etc. Good quality leather motorcycle bags will last a long time.

You have but one body, protect it.