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Trend Setting Uggs Have Become the Ultimate Fashion Statement

Uggs - You either love them or hate them! If you don't know what the heck Uggs are, then you may at some time become one of the people who loves these boots, or one of the many people who also hate them and won't be caught dead wearing them outside or inside the house. 

Uggs are sheepskin boots which were traditionally made in Australia, and a traditional Australian product, I given up wearing them, not because I have them, but my pug does and she insists on ripping them to shreds. Now you find this footwear being manufactured in the form of kiddies boots, sandals, slippers, shoes and even handbags. Designs of the boot are essentially the same, but they differ in length and exterior appearance to please changing trends. 

World War I pilots wore them to keep their feet warm in the open bi-planes they were required to fly, and Australian farmers have been wearing them to keep their feet warm since the 1930's. Surfers even wore them to warm their feet on the beach when they came out of the water. 

The chief purpose of the Australian wearing these boots was to keep their feet warm and they have been traditionally worn virtually everywhere in Aussie. There still some manufacturers of Uggs in Australia, although they are not allowed to market the product as being an Ugg, as the trademark is US owned. They call them, "traditional Australian sheepskin boots".

No matter where they are made or who makes them the comfort and warmth of wearing them cannot be denied. It is an incredibly basic design, made with double-lined sheepskin. Because celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Oprah love their Uggs, as do many other celebrities, they have become trend setting items of footwear, for the modern fashionista. Now everyone, the world over, wants them, even some of the people who heat them, will wear them to be in!  

The name, as Australian legend tells us, just came about from calling these boots "ugly" it was shortened to Ug or Ugh and even has an entry in dictionaries in this country.  

Americans, who are quick off the mark when it comes to registering trademarks, saw a market for these boots and registered UGG as a US trademark. Now the Decker Outdoor Corporation has the rights to the name and you will find both UGG US and UGG Australia, with the US company being the parent company of this well known brand.